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White Musk For The Body's Refreshment

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Quick Overview
✅ Refreshes the body and private parts after childbirth and period
✅ Protects from bacteria
✅ Works as a deodorant
✅ Size 12 ml
✅ Cash on delivery
✅ Free delivery 
Protect your body and private parts from bacteria after childbirth and period and have a refreshing smell
Refresh your feminist body after childbirth and period
⭕️ Keeps the body and private parts refreshment after your period or childbirth
⭕️ Cleans the body and protects it from microbes and bacteria
⭕️ It makes the body's smell really appealing and fresh
⭕️ Prevents itch and irritation
⭕️ Prevents Cervical cancer
⭕️ Works as deodorant
Direction to use:
✔️ Swipe this on the targeted area to have the most amazing smell ever!!
❗️❗️ NOTES: 
Size is 12 ml
Cash on delivery 
Free delivery 
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Color Red
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