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Waxing Machine ( Hair Removal )

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Quick Overview
✅ Remove the unwanted hair
✅ Not messy and effortlessly
✅ Easy to use, safe and comfortable
✅ Cash on delivery
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Getting a body that has no hair is really time-consuming, but with this great product, hair removal is such an easy thing to do!
⭕ Unique design
⭕ Easy to use
⭕️ Remove the unwanted hair with no mess and effortlessly
⭕ Electrical
⭕ Waxing hair device 
⭕ Safe and time saver
How to use:
✔ Before use, make sure skin is absolutely clean
✔ Have a hot bath before using in order for the body pores to open and for easier hair removal
✔ It is preferred to do a sin scrub before using the wax in order to get rid of the dead skin, you may use any skin scrub cream you have or make homemade scrub using sugar and lemon
✔ Heat the wax as the instructions say by plugging the wax machine then test the heat on a small portion of skin first, make sure the wax is on suitable temperature, not too hot that it burns skin and not cold so that it removes hair.
The package contains:
✔️ 100 wax slices for hair removal
✔️ Wax machine
✔️ Two wax bottles
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