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Vakoou America Men's Power Up Health Boxer

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Quick Overview
✅ Enlarges the penis size
✅ Helps men sexual problem
✅ Reduces inflammation
✅ Kills off harmful bacteria
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Love life is the reason why a lot of men are not happy and depressed.
This boxer helps you to get through many problems to maintain your confidence again.
⭕️ Vakoou, also known as the Viagra pants, is a scientifically proven men’s healthcare boxers that can replace your ordinary briefs
⭕️ Enlarges the penis size, delays the premature ejaculation, and increases erection
⭕️ The breathable microfiber and cotton material kills off harmful bacteria
⭕️ Reduces inflammation thus reducing the risk of prostate cancer
⭕️ Eliminating frequent micturition, back pain, and lethargy
⭕️ It promotes blood circulation
⭕️ Helps men sexual problem
⭕️ The outer space magnetism eliminates the masculine disease, promotes masculine power, grows and cultivates sperm, enhances the backbone, able to let masculine power reappears
⭕️ It has 13 Nano Magnetic
⭕️ Enhance testicular activity
⬛️ After wearing for 7 days: Insomnia, frequent urination, symptoms of urinating pain recover.
⬛️ After wearing for 15 days: More Vitality, Stronger body
⬛️ After wearing for 30 days: All symptoms will disappear, Body filled with essence, activate the gonads and improve sex life quality.
⚫️ This item is mainly designed for impotence, prostatitis, prostatic hyperplasia, and soreness and weakness of waist and knees caused by the prostate disease.
⚫️ It is also having positive effect on night sweats, fatigue, weakness, insomnia, forgetfulness, frequent micturition, urgent micturition and dysuria, infertility and other symptoms
How does it work?
✔ Uses an astronomic magnetic fiber material spirally weaved with far-infrared and anion fiber that is extremely comfortable and pleasant to the skin.
✔ A set of magnets in the boxers produces a magnetic field that would be able to penetrate through the prostate gland.
✔ Incorporates a 3D method of tailoring which complements human body engineering
Cash on delivery
Free delivery
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