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Transparent Six Pieces Seasoning Set

Transparent Six Pieces Seasoning Set
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Quick Overview
✅ Pack of six
✅ Organizational and easy to use
✅ Transparent to be able to see the components 
✅ Safe and non-toxic
Seasonings are the base of our foods most of the time, it brings flavor into things to make them taste totally awesome, Organize your seasonings and cook what you and your family love!!
It is sleek and transparent plastic design, features a convenient storage, besides it is Eco-Friendly and easy to use and reach.
They are slider open design with a removable lid for easy cleaning. Also, it comes with a tray, which makes it portable and handy.
- A set of six
- Great for storing salt, sugar, sesame, and spices 
- Made of plastic
- Safe and non-toxic
Suitable for family, cafe, hotel, restaurant, etc
- Size:15.8*6.1*10.2 cm
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Color Red
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