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Sport Slimming Body Suit - Short Sleeves

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Get the figure you have ever dreamed of with this incredible suit
Features of the product:
- No air goes through
- Waterproof
- Wear while your daily routine
- Tone up waist, hips, and thighs
- Keep thigh muscles warm through natural body heat to prevent injury or relieve soreness
- Light and comfortable, can be worn under clothing.
- Hit the gym, walk, jog, run, skip, surf, ski, cycle, aerobics or even do your housework-this is just the thing for all your activities
- Comprised of a layer of neoprene embedded with bio-ceramic material which reflects body heat promoting additional sweat while doing regular daily activities
- Light and very comfortable
- Help you lose inches in no time
- Features a convenient front zipper for ease
- The suit will cause you to sweat a lot, increase your metabolism, burn more calories, increase your mental and physical toughness, detoxify your immune system, and increase flexibility, therefore, decreasing the likelihood of injury
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