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Split Ends Trimmer Device

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Quick Overview
✅ Trims the damaged, broken, and split-ends hairs
✅ Increases the health of the hair
✅ Wattage: 50w
✅ Cash on delivery
✅ Free delivery 
No need to go to the barber shop ANYMORE! Get the ultimate split ends trimmer device to get rid of all the split ends, damaged and broken hairs
Have a Healthy soft hair and look great in minutes
⭕️ Safely trims the tips of damaged, fried, broken, brittle hair and split-ends in minutes

⭕️ Increases the health and beauty of the hair
⭕️ Works on any length of hair or any thick
⭕️ It only trims 1/8 inch from each hair so it won't change the length of your hair
⭕️ You only need to use it every 60 to 90 days for amazing noticeable results
⭕️ It is incredibly easy to use. It's the same as combing your hair.
Direction to use:
✔️ Separate a strand, and pass the machine through at least 3 times, and it will instantly remove split-ends
❌❌ Caution:
Do not use it daily to avoid any uneven length
It is recommended that your hair be completely dry and have no styling products in it
❗️❗️ Notes:
⚫️ Comes with a built in brush 
⚫️ Works on batteries
⚫️ Wattage: 50W 
⚫️ Cash on delivery
⚫️ Free delivery
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