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Schticky Deluxe Lint Roller

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Quick Overview
✅ Picks up pet hair, lint and other fluffy clothes
✅ Cleans curtains and other hard to reach places
✅ Eco-friendly
✅ Cash on delivery
✅ Free delivery
The Schitcky Deluxe Lint Roller cleans the cat hair, crumbs, and dirt lightning fast, saving you hundreds of dollars every year on disposable rollers
Keep your house super clean with the easiest and fastest hair cleaning tool
⭕️ Great for picking up pet hair, lint and other fluffy from clothes, furniture and the floor
⭕️ Removes cobwebs, clean curtains and other hard to reach places
⭕️ Works on a wide variety of fabrics including wool and velvet
⭕️ Suitable for use on multiple surfaces - no need to switch from vacuum cleaner to broom
⭕️ Easy to clean, just wash in warm water to reuse
⭕️ Made using a special adhesive type of silicone that is slippery when wet & sticky when dry
⭕️ Both Mini and Large Schticky come with a brush cover that pulls up hairs deeply embedded in carpet fibres
⭕️ Small Schticky is collapsible and great to keep in the purse for quick lint removal throughout the day
  ⚫️ 1 x Small Schticky
  ⚫️ 1 x Medium Schticky
  ⚫️ 1 x Large Schticky with adjustable stainless steel pole
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Cash on delivery 
Free delivery
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