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Pops-a-Dent Dings and Dents Fixer

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Quick Overview
✅ Perfect for all types of dings and dents
✅ Saves you lots of money
✅ Used in professional auto body shops
✅ Fixes those older dents
✅ Cash on delivery
✅ Free delivery
Did you bump your car? Do you not have enough money to repair the body part?
You don’t have to anymore because every bump on your car is fixable with Pops-a-Dent
⭕️ Perfect for all types of dings and dents
⭕️ Unique patent-pending bridge and adhesive system
⭕ It is the ️Same system used in professional auto body shops
⭕️ Saves you lots of money in expensive auto body repairs
⭕️ Keeps cars looking good for a longer time
⭕️ Quick and easy to use
⭕️ It has the ability to fix those older dents too
⭕️ Product dimensions 8 x 3.5 x 8 inches 
⭕️ Weight: 0.5 (kg)
How to use
1. Plug in the glue gun and put a stick of glue in it
2. Identify the impact area of the dent
3. Look for high ridges, or "frowns"
4. If there are any frowns or high ridges you need to gently tap them down by moving around the higher area, tapping consistently.
5. Once you have reduced the high areas, then you can address the low area (dent)
6. Apply glue to the tab (careful hot!) and apply to damage (start in the impact area)
7. Set up dent puller
8. Check whether the glue has set by touching the exposed glue that has squished out the side of the tab. If it is no longer sticking to your finger but is just tacky it is ready
9. Use the dent puller, by twisting the nut to pull the pad
10. Use the solution (knockdown tool) to remove excess glue (dont leave the glue for more than 5 minutes)
11. Tap down any high areas you may have caused
12. Continue this process until dent has been removed
◼️3 pulling discs in different sizes
◼️ Knockdown tool
◼️ Professional adhesive gun
◼️ Repair Bridge
◼️ One glue stick
◼️ A Nut
◼️ Instruction Manual
Cash on delivery
Free delivery
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