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Magnetic Back Supporter

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✅ Supports lumbar, back, low back and waist
✅ Improves blood circulation
✅ It has 17 tourmalines magnetic
✅ Breathable fabric 
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Keep your back healthy and in good posture with this "Magnetic Back Supporter"
Back is the base of the body, it stands all the organs, and supports the posture!
⭕️ Supports your back and solves all back and waist problems
⭕️ It contains three carved shaped steel bars with magnetic inlay
⭕️ Self-heating belt in order to provide warmth to the kidney
⭕️ Thread does not bunch up easily, properly stitched and trimmed to create beautiful sharp point and smooth edge
⭕️ Improves blood circulation
⭕️ Supports lumbar, back, low back and waist
⭕️ Solves the problem of cold limbs
⭕️ It has 17 tourmalines magnetic, 10 in the waist to support it, and 7 in the abdominal area
⭕️ Breathable fabric suits all the seasons
⭕️ High elasticity
⭕️ Strong Velcro straps 
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