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Jesopb Electric Power Toothbrush

Jesopb Electric Power Toothbrush
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✅ The head oscillates at 22000 vibrations per minute
✅ Comes with four heads, ideal for whole family
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Get super clean teeth and good oral hygiene with the jesopb power toothbrush.
⭕ The head oscillates at 22000 vibrations per minute to ensure vigorous cleaning of teeth
⭕ Its DuPont nylon bristles are hard on teeth and soft on the gums
⭕ The brush head surrounds each tooth to provide precise cleaning in tough-to-reach areas
⭕ Clean effectively between the teeth to keep plaque and gingivitis at bay
⭕ It comes with four heads, making it ideal for use for the whole family.
⭕ Operates on batteries
◼ Material: ABS
◼ Size: 20 * 2.5 * 2.5 cm
⚫ Electric Toothbrush
⚫ 4 * Spare Heads
⚫ Battery
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Color Red
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