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Insharee Unisex Body Shaper ( Waist Corset )

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Quick Overview
✅ Slims upper body parts
✅ Improves posture and strengthens backbones
✅ For Men
✅ Cash on delivery
✅ Free delivery
Shape your body with this corset, as much as you sweat you will get a greater result!
Reduces waist size, flattens abdomen and accelerates weight loss
Product highlights:
⭕️ Results are guaranteed after one month of usage in an accurate way
⭕️ Perfect for regular everyday wear or as an aid for sports activities but not while sleeping
⭕️ Wear it at first for a few hours then start wearing it for 4 to 8 hours when your body is accustomed to it
⭕️ Slims upper body parts
⭕️ Improves posture and strengthens backbones, enhances your curves for body confidence
⭕️ The pressure on abdomen causes less feeling of hunger for more weight loss
⭕️ Helps in getting rid of annoying stomach gases
⭕️ Can wear it anytime and anywhere
⭕️ Provides many health advantages and not just a cosmetic feature since it causes body sweat which helps in fat burning
⭕️ Shapes waist in no time
The product is made of:
✔️ Made from Latex material that keeps heat in the skin to cause sweat
❗️ Note️ ❗️ Wear for 6-8 hours a day
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