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Electric Car Washing Gun

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Quick Overview
✅ It is lightweight, compact and convenient
✅ Powerful tool
✅ Cash on delivery
✅ Free delivery
This car washing gun would be the best choice for anyone as it is a very powerful tool!!
Features of the product: 
⭕️ It is lightweight, compact and convenient
⭕️ Powerful 
⭕️ The main frame can stretch into the river or the bucket directly
Installation step
1⃣ Submersible pumps connected to the outlet pipe
2⃣ Submersible pump into the water
3⃣ Another pipe terminating on gun
4⃣ Plug in the power submersible pumps
5⃣ Open water cannon, start the car wash
Package contains:
✔️ Submersible pump
✔️ Water gun

✔️ 10 Meters special hose

✔️ Handlebar switch
✔️ Cigarette lighter to 220V converter
◾️ Voltage Import: 12V
◾️ Power: 80w
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Color Red
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