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Copper Fit Knee Sleeves

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✅ Provides gentle compression and support 
✅ Anti-odor 
✅  Helps to reduce recovery time for muscles 
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Joints pain and growing older has a positive relationship, as well as you grow up your joints will be fragile and sensitive, which demands extra care, that's why "Copper Fit Knee Sleeves" was made.
Don't pressure your knees or elbows, use this one piece sleeve that helps your body to tighten your bones and joints making it harder to suffer from sliding joints.
⭕️ Great for knees and elbows
⭕️ Unisex
⭕️ Provide support for muscle stiffness, soreness, and pain
⭕️ Help to reduce recovery time of muscles
⭕️ Support improved circulation and oxygenation of working muscles
⭕️ Prevent strain and fatigue by keeping muscles warm
⭕️ It is made of a therapeutic material containing copper that is essential to your body and which helps the pains to disappear
⭕️ It is convenient and easy to put on and carry throughout the day
⭕️ This product helps the athletes to prevent injuries which make them able to practice their exercises without worries 
⭕️ Anti-odor; copper is antibacterial and anti-fungal
⭕️ Durable, lightweight, and comfortable
⭕️ Provides gentle compression and support for all-day wear
⭕️ Can be worn while sleeping
⭕️ Material: 82% Polyester, 14% Spandex, 4% Copper and other fibers

⚫️ Sizes:

- Medium | 15.5" - 17" 

- Large | 17.5" - 19"

- XL | 19.5" - 21"

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