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CinniBird Pen For Drawing On Food

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✅ Creats creative drawing on latte, cappuccino or any other drink
✅ Can be used for food
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Your creativeness has no limits! Just keep on surprising your family and your friends with each masterpiece you come up with!
Latte art will never be the same again with CinniBird Pen for drawing on food…
⭕️ Can be used to create some creative drawing on latte, cappuccino, or any other drink
⭕️ Can be used for food also such as Hummus by drawing on them with different kinds of spices
How to use it?
✔ Remove the closed piece and put some grounded spices (cocoa, cinnamon etc.) inside the pen
✔ Close the piece
✔ Press on the button while making sure you're making the drawing motions, the spices start to come out
✔ After finishing the drawing process open the closed led and start the cleaning process by pulling out the inner-piece and shaking the pen while pressing on the button
✔ Using the brush you can clean the inner-piece and the front opening
✔ After finishing the cleaning process insert the inner piece (drawer) and take care of the orientation
⚫️ CinniBird Spice Pen
⚫️ Cleaner
⚫️ Batteries (LR 44)
⚫️ User's manual
⚫️ Transparent box
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Cash on delivery 
Free delivery
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