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The Stone Wave Microwave Cooker

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Quick Overview
✅ Makes delicious dishes in the microwave in minutes
✅ Cooks the food with right amount of steam
✅ Perpares everything from omelets to soups 
✅ Weight: 1.6 pounds 
✅ Cash on delivery 
✅ Free delivery 
Want to cook healthier food? The Stone Wave Microwave Cooker is best and no need for plates just serve it as it is
⭕️ With this product you can now make delicious gourmet dishes in just minutes right in your microwave
⭕️ The specially designed chimney allows just the right amount of steam to escape while the domed lid re-circulates the heat
⭕️ This infuses more flavor into the food so it is cooked to perfection
⭕️ The ceramic stoneware surface is non-stick so there's no need for butter, fats or oils to cook
⭕️ Hollow Handle Design Stays Cool
⭕️ You can even eat right out of Stone Wave so there's no messy pots to clean
⭕️ In 5 minutes or less, you can prepare everything from omelets to soups
⭕️ The beautiful traditional design of the stone wave cooker also adds an authentic appearance to the dining table
⭕️ 4 wave stone microwave cooker can be fit to a medium size microwave
⭕️ Can be washed in the dishwasher machine
❌ Warning: This cooker has been designed for microwave use only, and should not Webe used in a conventional oven or on the stove top
❗️❗️ Notes:
⚫️ It is designed for single serving
⚫️ The inner diameter measures 4.5 inches, with a 3.5 inch height and a 12 ounce capacity
⚫️ Weight: 1.6 pounds
⚫️ Cash on delivery
⚫️ Free delivery 
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