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Mobile-Phone Screen Magnifier

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✅ Enlarge your Smartphone display
✅ Gives you a clear picture
✅ Picture is 3 times bigger
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Enjoy watching movies on your phone with clearer and bigger image!! with this Mobile-Phone Screen Magnifier
You will never be bothered by the small screen of your smartphone, Especially you can enjoy your 3d movie very well
⭕️ Enlarge your Smartphone display
⭕️ Contains a phone handler to place your phone in
⭕️ Magnifying multitude: up to 3 times bigger
⭕️ Gives you a clear picture and dynamic result
⭕️ It is ideal for all kinds of smartphones and occasions
⭕️ Very helpful in reducing eye-fatigue while watching videos on your smartphones
⭕️ It is ideal to use in dark light for best results
⭕️ Made of high-quality plastic
⭕️ Contains an angular adjustment to switch it as you desire
⭕️ 0.5 meters it the best watch distance


⬛️ Weight: 99 Grams
⬛️ Package Weight: 155 Grams
⬛️ Size: 18.0 x 14.2 x 1.5 cm
How to use:
✔️ Put your phone in the place provided for it and turn it on for larger viewing experience
❗️❗️ Notes and cautions:
❌ Avoid using it in strong light.
❌ Always use a soft cloth to clean it otherwise, it can put scratches on its screen

⚫️ Cash on delivery

⚫️ Free delivery

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