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Kim Kardeshian Full Body Sharpe Slimmer

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Wondering how you could achieve a small and firm waist and feel confident?
With full body, Kim Kardashian shaper slimmer reduces waist size and smooth your abdomen.
Who needs this product?
Those who suffer from extra waist and abdomen weight.
Product features:
- Cinches waist, pulls in your tummy and improves your posture for body confidence.
- Results are guaranteed after one month of correct use.
- Wear it while exercising and at all times except while sleeping
- Improves body posture and creates a smooth appearance, reduces waist size.
- Compression on abdomen causes less appetite for food
- Helps you get rid of annoying abdomen gases
Product made from:
The outer shaper is made from Latex which keeps heat inside the body and causes skin to sweat.
Duration of usage:
Wear it daily for 6-8 hours
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