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Dial Vision Adjustable Eyeglasses For Vision Correction

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✅ Fixes 90% of spherical errors
✅ Unisex frame 
✅ Adjustable for nean and far sighted 
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For people who suffer from vision problems and do not have enough money to do a vision correction surgery!
Just turn the dials to adjust for distance or reading instantly (-6D or +3D) with Dial Vision Adjustable Eyeglasses For Vision Correction


⭕️ Continuously adjustable and corrects 90% of spherical errors!
⭕️ Great as spare eyeglasses
⭕️ Impact resistant lenses and flexible frames 
⭕️Adjustable nose pads 
⭕️Great for men and women 
⭕️ This stylish eyewear rest nicely on the face and comes with a sleek unisex frame for men or women, light weight and durable
⭕️ Enjoy multiple pairs of glasses in one; no need for new expensive ones when your prescription changes
⭕️ Dial Vision eyeglasses allow you to switch from eyeglasses to reading glasses with the turn of a knob
⭕️ Adjustable for near or far sighted
How to use:
1⃣ Using the included eye chart, begin by adjusting your left eye by turning the dial until the chart comes into focus.
2⃣ Next adjust your right eye.
 In 2 easy steps you have instant replacement glasses that are ready to use! 
✔️Package contains:
 1 pair of eyeglasses and 1 eye chart
✔ Dimensions: 6 x 2 x 2 inches

❌ These eyeglasses will not correct astigmatism

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