About Ashyaat

With two people we started, and here we are after two years we became seventy employees
Ashyaat is the first online store that targets all the community layers, it's aim is introducing which is unique with excellent exceptional services and after-sales services.
We are characterized by honesty, quality, seriousness, and competitive prices.
We offer fast shipment presented by Aramex for free countries, offering fast replyment on social media, on Facebook, Whatsapp, and Instagram as there is a whole team working for 24 hours to answer your questions and reply to your orders.
To ensure the best services we allocated teams which are a team to follow up with shipments to make sure they arrive as good as hoped, and the Call Center Team in order to stay in contact with customers , as we have Customer Tracking Team which offers the after-selling services, and lastly we have the Social Media Team that their job  is ensuring fast repayments  and high quality.
Our motto .. Customer is the highest priority
https://ashyaat.com/ is owned and managed by ASHEAAT DOT COM GENERAL TRADING /L.L.C