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5-Second Fix Liquid Plastic And UV Light Pen

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Quick Overview
✅ Fixes metal, plastic, wood, glass, and more 
✅ Creats an ever-lasting bond
✅ Uses UV light
✅ Cash on delivery 
✅ Free delivery 
Fix whatever you want within seconds!! With the 5-seconds fix liquid plastic and UV light pen you can fix metal, wood, glass and more…
No more paying hundreds of dollars on fixing your stuff!!
⭕️ Super powered liquid plastic welding compound
⭕️ Fast & strong - create an ever-lasting bond in just 5 seconds
⭕️ Only cures with UV light, so you can position and reposition your repair
⭕️ Permanently Repair Plastic, Metal, Wood, Glass, Aluminum, Elastic, Fiberglass, Vinyl, Leather and more
⭕️ It is lightweight, portable, and can easily fit in your pocket, so you can take it on the go.
⭕️ There's no sticky mess
⭕️ Dries clear
⭕️ Flexible, and paintable
How to use:
✔️ All you need to do is apply the solution on the surface and weld it with the UV light of the device and in 5 seconds the thing will be fixed
❌❌ Warning: Wear safety glasses and rubber gloves
❗️❗️ Notes:
⚫️ Product dimensions: 5.8 x 0.8 x 9 inches
⚫️ Cash on delivery
⚫️ Free delivery 
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